Let me paint – book now

Use this page to select available dates for the spot you choose, to make your art on the wall.


  • Booking. By completing a booking here you are telling us you have read and agree to all of this page.
  • Gallery spots. We are starting with seven bookable spots to paint, one of which is split in to two (6.1 and 6.2). Spot 2 is only occasionally available, normally by invite, so does not form part of the main booking process.
  • Spot Sizes. Indicative sizes are as follows. Heights – Spots 1 to 6.2 are all approx. 5.5m high. Spot 7 is approx. 4.5m high. Widths – Spot 1 is 4.5m wide; Spot 2 is 11.3m wide; Spot 3 is 8.8m wide; Spot 4 is 12m wide ; Spot 5 is 10m wide; Spot 6 is 7.8m wide; Spot 6 is 4m wide. * Note – Spot numbers are being updated, the numbering on the image here is currently more up to date than the numbering on the wall itself, so please use the image below as your guide. Specifically, Spot 6.1 sits to the right of the plastic downpipe and Spot 6.2 is to the left of the same pipe.
  • Action. Once you have completed your reservation, just drop in to Attic Self Storage within your booked time and show your booking to get access to the wall – and some free paint for the first people in line!
  • Duration. For now, standard bookings last 45 days, after which someone else (including you) can choose to book and paint on the same spot.
  • Feedback. Responses received via www.marketroadgallery.org may positively or negatively affect the time your artwork stays on the wall.
  • Cost. All bookings are free.
  • Photos. We try to take pictures of every new work completed but if you have shots you are pleased with just send them to info@marketroadgallery.org.  (We will only use them through this project and never for commercial purposes).
  • Hashtag – use #marketroadgallery.
  • Materials. You as the artist bring your own materials (paint etc.) and try to leave the site cleaner than you found it. We are trying to make some paint available to people on their first booked visit, while stocks last.
  • Waste. Please take away any materials you bring to this site. Sadly there is no permit for disposal of paint cans, buckets or brushes at the site. The exception to this is that paint provided by Attic Self Storage can be disposed of by returning it to Attic Self Storage.
  • Working at height. For most bookings you are expected to only work from ground level. A number of extendable painting poles(for rollers, etc.) are available to borrow from Attic Self Storage reception, on 276 York Way. From time to time (but not always) the Gallery project team will be able to make a scaffold tower accessible, periodically and subject to availability. You must hold your own artist’s liability insurance before you can access any such equipment. Access to the scaffold tower will be subject to your agreement of separate terms, via your proving liability cover and signing the form available from the Attic Self Storage team.
  • Location. The gallery wall is located in London N7 – on the back of the Attic Self Storage building, where York Road meets Market Road, by the sports pitches.

Don’t Forget

  • To carry your booking approval with you whenever painting (either printed or downloaded to your mobile).
  • Not to paint outside of the designated area you have booked.
  • To paint nothing intentionally or consciously offensive.
  • To make no form of advertisement.
  • To leave the area clean when finished.
  • To adhere with all the content of this page.
  • By making any artwork or adding other marks at Market Road Gallery wall you confirm that you agree to the all the points here and small print (terms) outlined below.
  • Site access is between 07:30am – 22:00pm via Market Road Football Pitches reception.
  • Remember to report to the Pitches reception area first, on any day you visit or paint at the wall.
  • Paint happy!

How? Say something in words or pictures

Just choose if you want to paint on the wall, or submit your ideas or feedback about works already underway.

To paint – choose the available date(s) and wall section(s) to make your work, and take your reservation with you when you go.

To feedback or submit ideas – choose ‘Let me Speak > Respond or Suggest to select whether you want to rate artworks or submit your suggestions.

The more suggestions accumulated for a given works or given ideas, the better chance they have to inform what happens next.

Find out more here




The Smaller Print

Terms & Conditions

  • Your reservation and authorisation to make artwork applies exclusively to the requested event, between the specified the dates, for one applicant, or group represented by the one applicant (identified by your booking approval email).
  • Any other activity and/or element not included in the scope of this document is not coverd.
  • It is each applicants’ own responsibility to ensure they hold  suitable cover for making artworks in public places. We recommend A-N Membership which includes a Hencilla policy at a competitive rate http://www.hencilla.co.uk/unions/a-n/air/ppl. Artists not resident in the UK may need to find other suitable cover. IMPORTANT: Any artists accessing or borrowing equipment from either Attic Self Storage, Better Leisure or UAL, are obliged to have cover prior to starting work at MRG.
  • The applicant will be considerate of other users and the of the site itself, to ensure optimum health and safety, cleanliness and good will, while making artworks.
  • Each artwork must be contained within the designated area booked and should not creep on to the ground, or any adjacent walls, fences, plants, trees, street furniture or other features of the surrounding environment(s). The Spot number you book is identified when you receive your booking approval and the corresponding number is located at the top-left of each Spot on the Gallery wall.
  • The applicant is encouraged to ensure maintenance of their artwork during the period of the given reservation but accepts that the work may be replaced at any time immediately after the given period of booking expires.
  • The applicant will ensure the space around the designated site is as clean, or cleaner, after he/she has painted the artwork, compared to how it was before starting.
  • This reservation to paint does not include authorisation for use of ladders, scaffolding or any powered equipment, which may be considered necessary for the creation of the artwork by the applicant. Any such applications be discussed and requested separately with London Borough of Islington, Attic Self-Storage and the project team.
  • Failure to comply with the above will result in this reservation being null and void.
  • Painting without authority is an offence, so any directions from police and Islington Borough Council supersede these terms and must be followed at all times.
  • You as the applicant agree to take full responsibility for the safety of yourself and anyone affected by your actions.
  • All host parties – being Attic Self Storage, Better Leisure (GLL) University of the Arts London, and London Borough of Islington – will be held totally harmless (not responsible) for any liabilities applicable to actions undertaken within this reservation.
  • When you register, the date(s) you have booked to paint and the artist name you have provided will be shared only between the project host parties who are collaborating in this pilot scheme. Your registered email or other contact details will be never be shared under normal use and compliance with the terms and conditions here.
  • Don’t worry, will not spam you and your details will not be shared with any third parties.




  • Lastly, please remember this project is a pilot. We want to learn with you, see lots created and make this a scheme that works, so things may change as we go. Thanks in advance for your willingness to adapt if necessary, and your collaborative approach throughout.
  • Contact – info@marketroadgallery.org



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